First Post

This is the first post and I will make sure I keep it short. I am sat here just three days away from The Wrap Show planning on what I will be bringing along. I won’t be exhibiting, and the whole event is largely going to be a social affair (I hear there is proseccco in the evening… yippee!) – and hopefully I will be able to restrain myself from spending too much on all the wonderful items which will be available. I do however, plan on bringing along examples of the first two colourways of Chrysler; Marina and Heather, which will be released later this month so do feel free to come say hello and have a fondle of my wraps.

Thinking back to about a year ago when the idea of creating my own wrap company first occurred I can’t quite believe that within a couple of days I will have the first batch of wraps arriving at my doorstep.  I have to admit, the journey so far has been a little scary, as anyone putting their creations out to the public will understand, but mostly it has been really exhilarating. Some people have asked me how I find the time to set up Rowan Bay alongside juggling a full-time job and two children and the answer is – because I love it. It’s really that simple. I don’t mind spending my evenings sat drawing designs, choosing yarn colours, making websites and putting together the new booklet because Rowan Bay comes from the heart and doing all these things gives me an outlet for being creative in a way I perhaps wouldn’t get the chance to otherwise.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for now, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you on Saturday!

x L x



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