IBW 2018 – Babywearing has allowed us to share adventures – by brand ambassador Lucy King

I’ve been babywearing for almost ten years (that makes me feel so old 😂): my eldest never took to the pram so was worn from birth in a variety of stretchies, buckles and meh dais. We both loved it and I found it by far the most practical way to get around central London, where we lived at the time. Our adventures included everything from snow, sun and swans’ nests in the parks to astronauts and dinosaurs in the museums (and a lot of busses and trains).

With my youngest, I didn’t bother with a pram at all, just got out my trusty buckles and bought a new squish-worthy RS. I quickly fell down the woven rabbit hole and we’ve been lucky enough to have used some beautiful wraps and fabulous blends so far. We live in a small village in the middle of England now and babywearing has allowed us to bond during some beautiful walks and get lots of fresh air. Dinosaurs and astronauts have been replaced by horses, donkeys and rabbits. She’ll be two in the new year and is currently so keen on walking that wrapping days are few and far between. The buckles and RS are still getting good use though, and I’m hoping that she’ll continue to be fond of the occasional wrap snuggle for a while yet.


Thank you for sharing Lucy. You can follow Lucy on Instagram @wrap_happy to see more wonderful babywearing pictures. Keep your eyes peeled this week for more International Babywearing Week fun, including giveaways over on our Facebook page, and join in the chatter over in our social group Rowan Bay Rabble.

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