‘Babywearing has…’ by brand ambassador Åsne Nielsen

When we knew we were pregnant with our first child four years ago the first think I bought was a stretchy. I had never seen anyone or didn’t know anyone babywearing but for some reason it just felt right. When he was born he was not a high need baby and babywearing was a choice not a savior as for many others, but at the same time I think it saved me either way. I had a need giving my baby closeness and I wanted him to feel safe all day long, and although he was happy in his pram or in his cradle I felt that carrying him around would do us both good.

But it was when we were expecting our second child that babywearing really saved us. It saved my pregnant body from unnecessary pain since for whatever reason I had a lot less pains after a day with babywearing than a day without. It also gave me strength and energy and although I was tired I could give my son the closeness he needed.

When his baby brother was born it was even more important wearing him. It got me to feel a lot less bad about splitting my time between them too, especially since my second one wanted to be breastfed 24/7 the first months. I could even carry William on my back giving him love and at the same time breastfeed Max on the front also giving him what he needed. It really saved the first year as a mother of two!

Something else that babywearing made possible was all our walks through the forest. I always use the forest as a safe place releasing stress and to give new energy.

We have also done so much with our kids that would be impossible without babywearing, both as tourists in a big city or on the airport flying to another country as well as hiking through the mountains in northern Norway. Our second child is also in higher need and wants to be carried a lot so most importantly it saves the everyday life. I would probably go insane without my wraps in hand.

Thank you Åsne for sharing! 🙂

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