‘Babywearing has benefits’ by brand ambassador Diana

Continuing our celebrations of Ingernational Babywearing Week, Diana shares with us how Babywearing has helped her.

Almost 4 years ago my son was born. It was about 30 hours of induced labor, a bad episiotomy, bruises on my belly, headaches and pain on my epidural spot for months and stitches healed only months later too… I was exclusively breastfeeding and from the first minutes the pain was making me cry and in the first day nipples were already in blood. So, postpartum was bad, and in top of that I have learned that I have a high need baby. Carrying him all day in arms was painful! But, I can say I was saved!! I had help with breastfeeding and, around 2 months after birth, I was introduced to babywearing and my life became much easier! Baby started to be carried all day long, he was calmer, crying much less and it was sooooooooo much easier to get him sleeping (while babywearing, lol)!! And I know many moms related with this: even to go to the bathroom, it was babywearing, lol! Babywearing saved my body and my sanity!!

This second time, almost a year ago, the obstetric violence I suffered marked me more and I still can’t talk about it openly and I still didn’t heal from it. But each time I carry my baby, a tiny part of my soul is repaired! It really is amazing to be able to hug, kiss, smell, feel the baby at all the time!! Babywearing allow me to have the baby close to me and still do almost anything else! In the first months she was carried most of the day, and while babywearing I played with my oldest, got him ready for school, gave him bath, cooked dinner, did laundry, had lunch/ a snack/ dinner, worked on the computer, worked outside, and much more!

Babywearing has benefits, and another great one is the new network you get! As a mom, some friendships changed, but through babywearing I’ve met amazing moms and now I’ve some amazing new friends that have been helping me through these times!

Thank you for sharing Diana x

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