Babywearing has allowed us to share adventures.

These are our two children – I’ve worn them both but only discovered wovens with my youngest, and it was wearing him that inspired me to start Rowan Bay.

My youngest was a high need child and wanted to be on me all the time (I write this with his head resting on me and being prodded by his feet – not much has changed!). It took me a while to realise that wearing was not just a mode of transport but enabled me to get on with daily jobs, get out of the house and freed me up from the sofa.

I dug out our old carrier – It was Father’s Day and we went for a picnic on box hill followed by a walk down the steps, over the stepping stones and then up the hill again. The carrier was great and we would never have been able to enjoy that day without it, but it wasn’t a great fit so I started looking at other options…

I ended up with a connecta as well as a woven – I’m not known for my decisiveness!

Living in London at the time, having these new comfortable carriers meant the pushchair was retired and trips into London to visit the Museums, galleries and parks were no longer a mission and something I enjoyed regularly. I was even able to work at an event whilst wearing.

This new freedom really helped me with my mental health, along with all the friends I made through wearing. A whole new world opened up and I no longer felt confined to home.

Illustration by Joanna Howell

Babywearing has taken our family to the beach, on flights, to the shops, to gigs, through the woods, to the zoo, around the theme park and so much more. The next adventure will start in December (hopefully!) when number 3 arrives and we’ll get to carry him in all the different Rowan Bay wraps right from the start!

x Larissa x

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