Babywearing has allowed us to share adventures.

These are our two children - I've worn them both but only discovered wovens with my youngest, and it was wearing him that inspired me to start Rowan Bay. My youngest was a high need child and wanted to be on me all the time (I write this with his head resting on me and... Continue Reading →


‘Babywearing has benefits’ by brand ambassador Diana

Continuing our celebrations of Ingernational Babywearing Week, Diana shares with us how Babywearing has helped her. Almost 4 years ago my son was born. It was about 30 hours of induced labor, a bad episiotomy, bruises on my belly, headaches and pain on my epidural spot for months and stitches healed only months later too...... Continue Reading →

Tussah Silk; a little bit of geekery

Everybody loves Tussah silk, and if you haven't tried it yet, you really should. I believe that it is possibly the most beautiful fiber I have seen used in baby wraps (and other textiles!). I just love the natural irregular nubs and slubs and the scruffiness of the shorter fibers, but the wrap qualities were... Continue Reading →

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